Expend your Business Objects XI platform


ExtractCMS is a toolbox to analyze the content of your Business Objects XI repository. Since XI, there is no way to easily report on your BOXI metrics : documents, users, groups, security...

ExtractCMS allow you to get all of this, and drop it in a classical relational database. ExtractCMS is provided with a basic set of universe, and some standard reports. Then you can customize universe & reports to adapt ExtractCMS to your needs.

ExtractCMS is a program, you just need to add it to the platform (via the CMC) ; and then you just need to schedule the program execution. It's not a real time solution, but you can for example refresh your repository twice a day.

Full specifications

Business Objects Compatibility
  • XI R2 (all support packages)
  • XI 3.0
  • XI 3.1 (all support packages)
To install, need access to
  • CMC, with an admin account
  • the BO server to add a Jar file (the JDBC database jar)
  • A database access to write the repository data : either Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server are today supported. More if needed. Ask us.
  • Depending of the version. See version comparison.
Install Guide
  • included.

Version comparison

Features Lite Edition Basic Edition Enterprise Edition
Extract all types of objects (users, groups, universes, overloads, connections, WebI reports, Deski reports, Crystal Reports, Hyperlinks, folders, privates folders, inboxes, categories...) and the corresponding relations. yes yes yes
Extract most of metadata for each type of object (size of reports, CUID, ID, description, dates...) yes yes yes
Extract all explicit security applied on any type of objects above. yes yes yes
Comprehensive schema, with pre-build universe (customizable) ; and basics WebI reports. yes yes yes
Extract up to : 500 objects per table 100 000 objects per table No limit
Compare CMS capability ? (Compare 2 or more CMS) no no yes
Historise results ? (View the progression of your platform) no no yes
Impact analysis between WebI reports and universes no no yes
Price Contact us
Contact us
Contact us
Support (Need more support ?) No support included No support included 2 months of support included

How analyze the BOXI repository ?

Since XI, there is no easy way to report on the CMS data. When you are managing a BOXI platform, your need to follow metrics, for example :

  • How many documents are on my system, in favorites folders, in public folders ?
  • How many MB my users are using on the FRS ? Get a TOP 10 ?
  • Can I get a matrix table of my security (folder x group or universe x group)  ?

Business Objects is providing an Audit tool, but it provide only events. There is no global solution to analyze the actual content of your full platform. It's why we have created this product. With ExtractCMS, you can easily answer the above question, and much more...

We are also providing you a basic universe, easy to understand, and fully customizable to your needs. Basics reports are also mainly expendable. You can then use the full power of the Business Objects tools to get the best of the data extracted by ExtractCMS !

CMS Comparison

With the Enterprise version, you have the possibility to extract several repository to the same database. For example, with 3 servers : DEV, ACP and PRD, you can extract all of them in the same export database.

Once done, you've got the opportunity to compare data between CMS. For example :

  • Check the CUID of objects between platforms
  • Check the security levels of objects
  • Etc...

It can be an useful help to restore a platform at the state of another.

Historise results

With the Enterprise version, it's also possible to save several extract of the same CMS in one database. But who needs that ?

Imagine you have to follow the performance of your platform. Performance is depending of number of users, number of documents... You've got some metrics in the Audit database. But you can complete this audit by some 'snapshot' of the CMS at different period of time. Program ExtractCMS to save a version each month ; and you've got an historical version of the CMS.

Caution ; this option can generate lots of data in the database. Please check and setup a rolling purge of old data.

Impact Analysis

The last option of the Enterprise version is an Impact Analysis tool between universe & Web Intelligence documents.

Imagine you need to remove objects from the universe. You will need to check every documents on the Production platform to check the object is not used before remove it. And when you've got a 10,000 documents (public & private) platform, it could be time-consuming...

We are providing an easy solution to answer this issue : ExtractCMS can inspect each Web Intelligence document on the platform (in public folder, private, inbox...) ; and retrieve all universe objects used. Then, when you need to check the usage of an object, you just need to refresh a query with the corresponding object.

Sample universe & samples WebI reports

ExtractCMS UniverseExtractCMS UniverseExtractCMS is shipped with a basic universe (fully customizable to your needs) and some basic WebI reports.

The universe has been designed to allow easy reporting on the CMS. But in case of specific need, you can choose the alter the original design. There is no impact on the ExtractCMS tool (except on the Webi report you have designed).


Here is the report list :

# Name Description Screen-shot
1 Folder Security Matrix Extract the Folder security
2 Universe Security Matrix Extract the Universes security
3 User Group Membership Extract the relationship between users and groups
4  Document and Instance volumetry
Show the volumetry (# and size) of documents & instances on the platform, folder by folder.
 5  Universe and document relationship
Show the relation between documents and universe. Work only on Webi and Deski documents.  
6 Impact Analysis between Webi and Universe Check universe objects, to see where there are used in WebI documents. Work only with Enterprise edition.
7 Overload summary A all-in-one report about overloads : universe impacted, overload name, principal overloaded, universe limits, objects not allowed, row-level limits and table substitution.


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